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Whatever your Jewish educational background, from beginner to advanced, whether you can read Hebrew or not, these services will be accessible to all, with soaring music and prayers, meaningful commentary and a warm sense of community. You will leave infused with the spirit of the Shabbat and Holidays.

Portion of Parsha: Chayei Sarah

In this week's parsha, Chayei Sarah, we read that Avraham was now 'old, advanced in his years and blessed by God in all things'. The Rabbis explain that the words of the Torah are a reflection not only that Avraham lived a long life; but that he also lived a life full of purpose with Chesed, and Yirat Shamayim, awe of Hashem, at its core. Both Avraham and Sarah made every day count. Whether in welcoming visitors, seeking a wife for Isaac to ensure continuity of the covenant or arguing for justice with God, Avraham and Sarah were the paradigm example of lives well lived, despite the many trials they faced. May we too be blessed with arichat yamim-long life, filled with meaning and commitment.
Rabbanit Adena Berkowitz

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