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Tikkun Leil Shavuot!

Saturday Night June 8th - 12:30am
@the JCC, 334 Amsterdam Ave (between 75th-76th Street)

2:00 am @ Lincoln Square Synagogue,
180 Amsterdam Avenue @ 68th Street
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Are you looking to be inspired in a warm inclusive inviting atmosphere?

Whatever your Jewish educational background, from beginner to advanced, whether you can read Hebrew or not, these services will be accessible to all, with soaring music and prayers, meaningful commentary and a warm sense of community. You will leave infused with the spirit of the Shabbat and Holidays.

Please join Kol HaNeshamah for Tikkun Leil Shavuot!

Rabbanit Adena Berkowitz will be teaching twice:
Saturday Night June 8th
12:30am (Sat night into Sun)
@the JCC, 334 Amsterdam Ave (between 75th-76th Street)

"Red String Bracelets (Roita Bendels),
Amulets (Kamayas), and (Schlissel) Challah Baking"
In recent years there has been a proliferation of people wearing red string bracelets and amulets as a protection for good luck or to ward off the "evil eye" and attaching spiritual, financial and healing attributes, segulot, to baking Challah, including Schlissel Challah ( Challah with a key baked inside) . How did these customs develop and what has been the response of rabbis to their development and increasing popularity?

2:00 am @ Lincoln Square Synagogue,
180 Amsterdam Avenue @ 68th Street

"Coffee and Coke(a Cola), Kiddush and Sliders"
Over the centuries, certain drinks and foods opened opportunities and posed legal and halakhic challenges for the Jewish community. Find out how the discovery of coffee changed Jewish life, how rabbis grappled with the kashrut of Coca Cola; drinking wine and grape juice during Prohibition and the current debate over whether lab grown meat from animal cells will lead to kosher cheese burgers.

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