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As the High Holidays approach, we all dream of finding a community that offers inspirational services, tradition and a warm inclusive atmosphere. Kol HaNeshamah (Voice of the Soul) has created a new High Holiday experience, focusing on the joy of the holidays with unique and memorable services that leave participants spiritually and intellectually uplifted. Our Chazzan Mo Kiss leads the services. He is known for blending the melodies of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and R&B sound with traditional liturgical classics -- with a strong emphasis on congregational singing. Whether you have no comprehension of Hebrew or have had an intensive Jewish background, Kol HaNeshamah's services are accessible to all, with soaring davening, meaningful commentary, participatory and a warm sense of community.

High Holiday Services will take place a at 805 Columbus Avenue @100th Street.

Services will follow strict social distancing guidelines and complying with halakhic guidelines, will be much shorter. We will be having a simultaneous Indoor/outdoor option. The outdoor area will have a covered canopy; however, in the event of rain/ significant wind, we may not be able to hold the outdoor service; that will be determined on the morning of each day.

Once you reserve your seat, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation. You will need to bring your confirmation with you to be admitted. NO ONE WILL BE ADMITTED WITHOUT PROOF OF REGISTRATION. Due to social distancing restrictions, we will not be able to offer Children’s Services and Child Care. In addition, children must be 12 or over to join us.

All participants must wear a face mask over their nose and mouth at all times - no masks with vents allowed . You will have to bring their own Machzor (prayer book), and where applicable, bring your own Kippah and Talit. People will be seated 6 ft away from others and must remain 6 feet away from others. You may not attend if you have experienced a fever or other symptoms in the last 2 weeks.

We appreciate everyone's understanding and cooperation during this challenging time. May 5781 be a year of good health and happiness for all of us.

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Donations are welcome

Nosh and Drash Shiur for Women
Tuesday Mornings
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